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INTENT IN OFFICE : "As a local ranch owner, business owner, law enforcement officer, and 18 year Wood County resident, I will bring a partnership between the Constable’s Office and our community. I seek the office of Constable because of a lifelong sense of community service where I seek to pass on the training and experience that I have been blessed with in order to benefit our citizens. I have a current vested interest in our youth due to being a parent of three children currently in Mineola ISD that participate in numerous community activities. I will take this opportunity to give back to the youth, our future leaders.

Teach self defense training for women, teachers and others with the philosophy of "refuse to be a victim" at no cost through over 8,300 hours of training, various fields of experience and hundreds of successfully trained students.


Offer our citizens additional avenues in suppressing criminal activity and recovering their stolen property through 18 years of proactive, crime suppressing law enforcement in which consecutive National Night Out awards were achieved. This is obtained through a strong community partnership and long term relationships with other local agencies.


Utilize experience as a business owner to offer local businesses means to reduce their accounts receivable balances by the utilization of formal legal instruments supported by our local prosecutors. Again, at no cost.


Insure that civil process is completed in a timely manner and maintain the security of our local Justice of the Peace courts through supervisory experience over bailiffs and civil service at Wood County Sheriff's Office.


As Wood County Pct 2 Constable and member of our community he offers candor and integrity in his family, personal and business financial responsibilities and his extensive proactive law enforcement experience.  He understands the accomplishments he has made are only through the grace of his Lord and Savior. He gives all the credit to Him.

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