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Personal Words of Support

I have known Kelly for 25 years and he worked for me at Canton Police department and is outstanding police officer.

-Ron Carroll – Former County Commissioner and Police Chief 


I worked with Kelly for over three years in the federal drug task force. He is a dedicated law enforcement officer and was a pleasure to work with. His integrity and work ethic is outstanding. He would make a great Constable.

-Paul Steelman – Investigator for Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office


My family has lived near Mineola for years. I have known Kelly Smith and his family for several years. He has presented a strong and consistent message to our community influencing two of my children to pursue law enforcement college degrees. As a Marine Corp veteran, Kelly will provide our community with the security and stability we need in a constable.

-Dr. Lowell P. Main DDS PA


Good job Smith. If anyone deserves it, it's you.

-Dawn Russel


I have known Kelly Smith and His Family for 9 years as Police Chaplin I worked close with Kelly and His Officers, He has a great Respect for Law Enforcement.   I believe Kelly to be Honest , Fearless and Highly Trained to be Constable in Wood County

-Wayne Bare- Tatum Mounted Patrol and Police Chaplain


Kelly is a wonderful officer - he deserves it

-Pst Joseph Wandati – Missionary/Pastor Kenya, Africa


Kelly Smith is all about Principles, Integrity, and Experience. I have seen him display those characteristics as a friend, a chief, a family man, and a soldier. John C. Maxwell said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. The Constable’s office would be lucky to have one of selfless sacrifice.

-Malik Aziz- Asst Police Chief Dallas PD


Great man for the job

-Michael Richbourg


You'll do a great job as Constable. I'll vote for you.

-Sandy Burleson


Spent 10 weeks training with Kelly Smith at the premier international training program in the world.   Kelly is s a true Warrior-Servant-Leader. Any community would be blessed to have Kelly Smith as their Protector-Servant-Leader!

-Pat Welsh-Attorney, Retired Law Enforcement, Dayton OH Police Dept, Owner of PJ Welsh & Assoc LLC


All of my East Texas folks, I'd appreciate your support for this guy. He's been like a brother to me for years and is truly an honest hard working experienced law enforcement expert. Wood County would be better off with him representing them than without him. Private message me for real life testimonials about his character and experience. I'd be volunteering for his campaign if I still lived there.

-Jim Burleson


Excited to see our fellow Sunday School member running for Constable. You've got our vote on March 1, 2016!

-Mandi Stovall and Jason Stovall  - Members 1st Baptist Church Mineola


Great man! Definitely got my vote

-Brad and Sunshine Armendariz – Former active duty Marines


Thank you Kelly Smith for being the man you are. It has been a blessing to know you and your family. I know you are the right man for the job! God bless!

-Jacob Hart – Smith County Sheriff Deputy


I've known Kelly for a while now. He is very straight forward and honest. Given his military and law enforcement backgrounds he is has such a working knowledge of law enforcement and protection. I for one am very pleased that we have a caring individual that is willing to take the responsibility of our community. Please vote for Kelly Smith for Constable. It's the right thing to do.

-Sheri Smith Shine - Lake Holbrook


I was so excited to see this man run for office! I believe Kelly is the perfect man for Wood County Constable.

-Tina Adams


Kelly Smith is one of the best leaders and mentors I have had the pleasure of knowing, and I could not think of a better candidate for Constable of Precinct 2!

-Josh Davis – Mineola Police Officer



Just wanted to let you (and everyone else) know that people are saying good things about you running. My wife and I were just discussing it yesterday with the kids in the car. We talked about your level of commitment to what you do on a physical readiness aspect, and how if more people that held those positions were better trained, it would actually lead to less incidents that went south. I think it's important to set examples for our youth, and you sir, do just that. One of my kids even added to the convo by saying that your entire family trains together, and he thought that was pretty cool. I'm proud of you for pursuing this, and for what you stand for. It is the epitome of our Marine Corps, and shows true innate leadership. Go get em!

-Daniel Mosher – Marine and Mineola resident


It has been my pleasure to know this family man and officer of Wood County.  He has been dedicated to his professional responsibility to Wood county and his family. He will be a great addition to the office of constable for our community. Please, when you vote for constable for Wood County, vote for Kelly. He will be as dedicated to this job as he was being a U.S. Marine.

-Ricky Ramirez – Local Business owner


I'd like to take this opportunity to announce my full support for Kelly Smith for Precinct 2 Constable. I've known Kelly for 15 years and can state without reservation that he is honest, capable, and above reproach. He has proven himself as the consummate Law Enforcement professional. Kelly understands people and the good (or bad) that motivates them. He strives to use that knowledge to bring any situation to a positive end. Kelly is an outstanding family man and has the Lord as his life guide. I encourage all who are concerned about who is the next Constable to seek out Kelly and let him know what issues are important to you. Please show your support for Kelly Smith!

-Lee Burleson


I could say many great things about Kelly Smith.   I have been friends with he and his wife for many years. What I can say without a shadow of a doubt is if you want someone that has a strong faith, will always keep his word, is respectable, and will always be fair and trustworthy then you definitely want him for your constable!‪ You couldn’t vote for a better man than him.

-Meg Jones


My wife and I have been in the Emergency Service business for a combined 40 yrs. We know a good man when we meet one. Kelly Smith is a good man and we FULLY support him and his family in his bid for and future as a Constable.

-Steve and Jamie Finley – Mineola Fire Dept


Our family will be proudly supporting you, Kelly Smith, for constable. This country can definitely use several more honest, reliable, compassionate, and fair men like you watching out for citizens.

-Brandi Davlin - Nurse


Kelly is a stand up guy. He was the best boss I ever had in my law enforcement career and could trust him with anything. If you want honesty, integrity, faithfulness, along with well experienced in many different aspects of law enforcement then he is your man for the job. Kelly I wish you the best of luck and thank you for having my back and being the teacher you were for me along with many others.

-Preston Roberts – Former Police Officer


I've known Kelly for almost 20 years, wow brother can't believe it’s been that long. I have the utmost respect for this man. High morals - what you see is what you get. He is the same person in and out of uniform. I do not live in this area but if I did Kelly would have my vote. The dedication he has to his family and work, you could never ask for a better person, family man, and officer to represent your county and Pct. Please vote for Kelly Smith for Constable. Keep in touch Kelly you have been a role model for me. If you ever need anything just say when and where brother.

-Kevin Mayberry – Police Officer


I've known Kelly for 10+ years and I'm excited that he is running for Constable. He is a man that has a love and desire for law enforcement and for our community that is a huge positive. Kelly has put in thousands of hours of training and on the job experience.   When you go vote, please remember the name Kelly Smith, you won't regret it.

-Anita J Tucker – Former Justice of the Peace and Police Officer


Kelly is a friend of mine from Church who truly loves the Lord and his family. He's a fellow Marine who not only has fought for our country, but has been in our local law enforcement for years. I could go on and on in regards to his achievements in life, but it'd turn into a short story. He's a solid Christian, Husband, Dad, Granddad, and Friend to all who know him. If you live in this area, He deserves our votes. We need more leaders like you Kelly Smith. 

Semper Fi!

-Jon Wilbeck - Marine


"The way you do anything is the way you do everything."  We believe in you-Tkick

-Thomas Longacre



Kelly Smith is a hard-working man of integrity. His life is devoted to God, family, & community. You could not have a better man working for you!! Vote Kelly Smith for Constable!!

-Jeff and Anne Marie Barnett


Proud to know this man! Respect.  It's not often that a person of this caliber comes along...Christian. Dedicated and committed. Trained. Family man. This is who has my vote for Constable!

-Jayne Lankford


I've know Kelly Smith for a few years. He is a great man with good values and cares about his community!

-Don King – Local Business Owner


Please join me in supporting Kelly Smith in his run for Precinct 2 Constable.

-Chris Castleberry - Mineola TXDOT Supervisor & Sheree Castleberry


He has our family's vote.  Great family that we are honored to know over the years from our children being in school together to church . A very  hardworking & trustworthy leader!

-Christi La Pointe Gully – 1st Baptist Church Mineola


I don't live in Pct.2 but if I did you would have my vote. Folks, there is not anyone more qualified than Kelly.  Outstanding guy.

-Howard D Castleberry lll 


I have known Kelly Smith for about 23 years, he was fresh out of the Marine Corps. In all the years I have known him I have never known anyone who works as hard. His total goal when I met him was to be a peace officer and serve the citizens of this great state. I have followed Kelly's career through the years and had the privilege of working for Kelly at the WCSO with him as my LT.  He was also there, door open anytime day or night. When I got ill he was there for me - a man of Christ and kept me in his prayers. I also know through the years with his daughters and granddaughters in different activities to see the great parents he and his wife are!  Precinct #2 could not ask for a better Constable than Kelly Smith.   He knows the law, he will work tirelessly for the citizens of Precinct #2, and he will always lead with his faith, ethics, and commitment to the tasks at hand.

Carolyn Tanner - Former Wood County Sheriff’s Office Investigator


I have known Kelly for many years and had the unique pleasure of working with him in law enforcement leadership and special operations roles. I have always been impressed with Kelly’s ability to establish and maintain professional relationships and act as a liaison with other law enforcement and government agency partners. It is evident when speaking with his peers or anyone who knows Kelly, he is looked up to, well respected and proves to develop long lasting professional and community oriented relationships.  Kelly is a highly knowledgeable leader within governmental, law enforcement and business operations.  Kelly possesses admirable integrity and unblemished moral principles in both his professional and personal life. I decisively consider Kelly a truly emotional intelligent leader, with a strong desire to always take the virtuous path.  I believe Kelly would be an excellent  Constable and without reservation recommend Kelly Smith for the office of Wood County Constable Pct. 2.

-Justin Rackely – Police Officer


I have had the opportunity to work with Kelly Smith. Kelly Smith has focused on safety and training for all the officers he works with. I believe he will make a great constable and wish him the best in all his endeavors.

-Steven Fields – Wood County Sheriff Deputy


We have been acquainted with Kelly and his family for several years. He is dedicated to serving God, his family, and his community with integrity.

-Lori Kindrick Roberts


I first met Kelly Smith while he was serving in the capacity of Police Chief. Kelly was instrumental in bringing state of the art technology to his department and protecting his officers with real-time information. I believe Kelly's resume speaks to the type of individual and leadership needed to serve in the capacity of Constable in the Great State of Texas and carry on its honorable tradition.

-Shane Rapp – Owner, CopSync


Kelly has our support down here in Smith County. I can't vote for him since I live in the wrong place, but if I could, I'd do it in a heartbeat. This is a man of integrity and experience that will serve his constituents to the upmost of his ability. He will be guided by his strong sense of morals, the law of the land, and his belief in Christ.  I wish Kelly were running for constable in my district so I could vote for him. Do yourself a favor. Check him out. Do your research. You won't be disappointed.  Kelly Smith for Constable.

-Sam Mezzell – Local Business Owner


I have known Kelly for a few years now and I have never gotten anything but Honesty and Integrity from him and I have no doubt that he will carry that on and make a great constable in our community. Hes got my vote!

-The Ponderosa (Mineola, TX)


I worked for Kelly Smith in Van, TX, as a patrol officer. I can attest to the integrity and professionalism of Kelly. I still consider him my Chief. His attitude toward training is unmatched in the world of law enforcement, and he cultivated this in his deputies. If you want a constable that will protect your rights, as well as your family and property, then elect Kelly Smith as your constable.

-Zach Williamson – Police Officer


I met Kelly Smith when he attended the FBI National Academy (NA) in 2010. Kelly was as equally dedicated to his academic studies as he was to learning about the other students. He was accepting of all of our opinions and truly interested in each of us. He is simply a good person and someone who positively impacts others.

-Janet Ambrisco – FBI agent and Homeland Security


Stand up guy, great family man.

-Ronnie Morrow – Local Business Owner


Let's give a shout out and show your support to Kelly Smith who is running for Constable Pct 2. He is a dedicated man to his family and faith as well as his community.

-Jill Simoneck - Nurse


I will be voting for this man as precinct 2's next constable. It was truly a pleasure working with Kelly at the Wood County Sheriff's Office. He made sure the deputies under him had the best training available and helped us better understand the laws of this state. There is not a more qualified nor a better person for constable in Wood County.

-Austin Cryer – Wood County Sheriff Deputy

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